The Players


                                  Robert L. Bohannon, Jr.  aka Klaxton Brown (Bo)


I knew right from the very beginning that I would be playing music. Growing up, I would listen to Mom sing spirituals and play piano. Dad played trumpet.  He and my uncle were putting a band together but it didn't work out.  When the holidays came around it was a really special time at home. That's when relatives on Mom's side of the family would come to the house, and we'd all gather around the piano to sing, play horns and just have a good time.  They use to sound sooo good. After years of playing in different bands I wanted to start a band that would be unlike any other band. Wishful thinking, perhaps - but that's exactly what happened when Klaxton Brown was formed. It's unlike any other band I've been a part of - Klaxton Brown brings back a lot of those early memories. This band is like family. I believe attitude plays a big role in this band - being positive makes a difference. All of the members have played in other bands and they're a great bunch of people to be around. Over the years we each have worked at perfecting our craft, and that's reflected in our music.

 Klaxton Brown  is the overseer of the band, wanting us to be total professionals, never yielding to less than our very best while performing at home or work.

Klaxton Brown is my alter ego and stage name. Playing the music right is a big thing for me. Alto saxophone has always been my passion; however, playing piano and singing are proving to be just as rewarding. It's something new and different for me - it's very exciting. I love playing music,
any kind of music.  When people come up and tell you that the song you just played "really touched me,"  this means all the world to me.  It really makes my day to hear that.  After several tumultuous years, divine intervention stepped into my life and has guided my
steps ever since. I have much to be thankful for. I've played with or backed up: CeCe Winans, Vickie Winans, Daryl Coley, Fred Hammond, Chuck Brown, Whole Darn Family, Chaka Chan, Keith Sweat, and Pieces of a Dream to name a few.


 Robert L. Bohannon, Jr. can be heard on the album/CD “Precious is Amazing” available on and in stores locally.

              Melvin Hill  (Bass)                     Stanley Jones (Guitar)                                                                        




Mike Fields  (Trumpet)                 Reginald (Reggie) McCoy   (Trombone)        


       Lesley Harris  (Vocals)                           Kevin Bolling (Drums & Percussion)